Swiping to Win - The iPhone's 10th Anniversary

The iPhone wasn’t the first mobile phone or the first on-the-go Internet connection or even the earliest digital media player, but it was the first to combine the three with flair, from how it could be navigated to its sleek design. The gadget also introduced the app ecosystem, an economy in its own right.

By being so ubiquitous and useful, the iPhone and its smartphone followers became platforms for so much more. Facebook, for instance, ended last year with 1.23 billion users who logged on daily — 1.15 billion of them did so via mobile.

Over half of all web traffic is conducted through mobile devices that are either iPhones or smartphones that borrow heavily from its layout. Research by ComScore showed that by the end of last year there were 85.9 million iPhone users in the U.S. and that Apple made more than four out of every 10 smart phones being sold into the market.

Mobile commerce, mobile web searches and apps all happen on a variety of platforms today, but to a large extent they were all shaped by the iPhone.

Onestop CEO, Michael Wang, was quoted in Kari Hamanaka's story about the influence of the iPhone on eCommerce.  Read the original article.


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