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Tis the Season for Holiday Pop-up Shops

E-commerce is projected to make up nearly 10 percent of total sales, with the remaining 90 percent going towards in-store purchases. One might assume this means online retailers will miss out the chance to engage brick-and-mortar shoppers, but that’s not necessarily the case. Read More from the Original Article.


Target needs to hire 77,500 seasonal employees, and these bots can help

Analysts predict holiday sales will be up nearly 4 percent this year. Companies of all sizes are preparing for this anticipated spending surge by making tens of thousands of seasonal hires.
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Social Media Advice From Industry Experts and Model Coco Rocha: Let Consumers Lead

Before the World Wide Web, marketing was relatively simple. Companies chose their paths and consumers naturally followed because, frankly, they did not have another option. But today...
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Kate Foster, Dan Wallace-Brewster on Customer Acquisition

Aquiring customers should be more about aquiring the right customers, and fashion brands are increasingly focusing on this, rather than customer retention. "Aquisition is the new retention," said Onestop Internet's Dan Wallace Brewster, who is Vice President of Corporate Marketing at the e-commerce services provider.. Read More from the Original Article.


Optimize site render time to celebrate a more profitable 2016

As an e-commerce and omnichannel solutions provider, we often find ourselves guiding partners to maintain a balance between a personalized, engaging digital experience, and optimal performance.  The key to this balance often lies in page size and render time.
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New Data from Onestop Internet: Amazon Poses Major Threat to Apparel Brands this Holiday Season

Onestop Internet, a Los Angeles-based, leading full-spectrum eCommerce and Omni-channel solutions provider, today released the results of a pre-holiday survey that indicate Amazon will be a significant threat to apparel brands this holiday season. Key findings include:
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Change Is In The Air

Onestop's Dan Wallace-Brewster on reviving brands and competing with Amazon.
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3 Things You Must Consider Before Investing in a Clothing Company

Anyone who works in fashion understands the challenges associated with keeping customers satisfied and coming back for more. Today’s consumer is more demanding than ever, and not all apparel brands can adapt quickly enough to meet their constantly-evolving expectations.
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Models Turned Moguls: 3 Promising Retail Ventures From Former Catwalk Queens

Those interested in selling Tyra Beauty -- becoming 'Beautytainers' as Banks calls it -- can purchase the Biz Kit Launch Bundle on to get started. Empowering her fans to take control of their careers by selling her products effectively turns Banks' existing champions into extensions of her brand.
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7 Thought-Provoking Digital Marketing Stats from the Past Week

Earlier today over on, Jack Simpson culled together 7 Thought-Provoking Digital Marketing Stats from the past week. Let’s take a quick look at some of the highlights from his piece...
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Do Democrats and Republicans Actually Shop Differently?

The greater a politician's visibility, the richer the opportunity to analyze the meaning coded in their styling. This election cycle, plenty of articles have been published about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's fashion and beauty choices, including on this website. But what about the clothing choices of their supporters? 

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3 Apparel Brands That Are Getting Millennial Marketing Right

With Millennials projected to have an annual net income of more than $8 trillion by 2025, it's no wonder brands are increasing their marketing efforts to better engage them. That goes beyond a traditional advertising experience and means communicating via mobile devices and similar channels. It also means creating meaningful content that emphasizes value, trustworthiness and authenticity.
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