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The Tribulations of Trial

New Strategies for Acquiring New Customers

Current data indicates retail brands are prioritizing customer acquisition over retention. The moving target of consumer acquisition requires marketers to think and act in different ways to capture new business. Doing this means taking a closer look at the whole of the customer journey, from the first interaction to end-stage nurtured brand advocacy.

Some of what you will learn in this ebook:

  • Communicating value through engagement
  • Facilitating a frictionless purchase
  • How loyalty can feed acquisition

New Customer Acquisition Strategies

Powering Great Commerce

An Ecommerce Playbook

To capture the opportunities of ecommerce, businesses must first meet the challenges that go along with establishing and implementing a digital strategy. This eBook highlights those obstacles to show how an omnichannel approach transforms your business and drives it forward.



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The Ecommerce Investment

Understanding Total Cost of Ownership

Decision makers frequently underestimate the costs involved in ecommerce. It’s essential to take into account the whole range of expenses, from technology to fulfillment. Here's your guide.



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Coming to America 

How International Brands Can Capture the US Market

Ecommerce has made it more feasible than ever to reach American consumers across long distances through online, mobile and social media channels. Capturing the market also calls for a thorough understanding of the challenges and proven strategies for success.


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