The Brand

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is an American coffee chain founded in 1963 that has grown to over 1,000 corporate-owned and franchised stores in the United States.

The Challenge

Due to the high volume of mobile searches for store locations, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s paid search account struggled to drive ecommerce revenue at the target ROI threshold.

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Traditional Solution

The intent of many mobile users is to seek the nearest brick and mortar location or conduct other research - not to purchase products. Therefore, the traditional practice would be to bid down on all mobile devices to increase ROI efficiency.

Food for Thought

It’s important to consider customer intent with any channel.  Take note of additional information you might have that could help inform your messaging and improve relevance to your target audience.

Our Solution

Keyword bids were adjusted based on a search's proximity to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf physical store locations. Bids were lowered for any searches from a mobile device when near a store. Bids were increased for all other mobile searches.

The Results

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(New Audiences vs. Traditional)

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The new mobile strategy allowed for a 64% spend increase at an improved ROI

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